Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The 1000 Words Pictures DON'T Tell!

 They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.
I also believe that there are thousands of words that our pictures DON'T say!
I had a magical evening with my daughters last week, taking photos of them in the hills to capture them as they turn 10.  I wrote about "Chasing the Light" here.
And out of the 586 photos I took, a small handful were good!
We started out in hills that were already shaded.
I was about a half hour late to capture the light I wanted.
I've said many times that "I don't run, unless being chased."
And truly, I am not a runner!
From this mini marathon, my legs were sore for 5 days.
I was out of breath, sweaty, short tempered... I hate running!
And when you're late, you run!
We saw slivers of sun kissing the tops of the hills and so we ran to be in it before it slipped away.
And running up hills means shin splints.
And running in flip flops means sore ankles and thorns!
There were lots of thorns in our feet.
There may have been some falling down in the grass, making for very itchy legs.  And there may have been some words like, "forget about the thorn in your foot, just turn around!"
And the whole experience just felt like parenting in general.
I start out with the best intentions and I think I've planned and prepared for everything.
Then running late, even just a half hour, puts a little stress in the picture and